January 2011

Looking for Irrawaddy dolphins, on a lagoon called Chilika Lake, near Puri, Orissa.

The sun temple at Konark. Built in the 13th C, damaged by muslim conquest in the 16th, abandoned and parts re-used, noted by European ships in the 17th, and excavated in the 20th.
It is famous, in part, for being second only to Khajuraho for having “not very chaste” carvings: “the sculptor had at times allowed his subject to grow a little warmer than there was any absolute necessity for his doing” in the words of one Captain Burt, the first Angrezi to visit the latter (much later, in 1839).

Calcutta. As something of a connoisseur of chaos, I think I have to admit that this might be the one city which beats Bombay, in some areas. There seemed to be more things being moved by head... (Near Howrah bridge.)

Calcutta in colour: the overpass along Nehru Road, and a fruit market I stumbled across.

Climbing at Pachmari (a small hill-station in Madhya Pradesh). Or, in my case, more like watching strong people boulder... (The most impressive catch I've ever seen was from this climb, too.)

One more from the same trip. An easier boulder problem, which I could not do, but Franco could.


Pictures by Michael Abbott
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