Travels in August (& September...)

To Delhi, to queue for an American visa (since the consulate in Bombay was being renovated). My third visit this year, but more pleasant in the monsoon's bright green than in winter's grey drizzle or summer's red heat, and (of course) in the spacious embassy district of New Delhi.
Pictured is the tomb of Emperor Humayun, 1565. I had not quite realised before, somehow, that Emperor Barbur (the first Mughal, Hymayun's father) who arrived in 1526, arrived more than two decades years after Vasco da Gama. (The last Emperor, Bahadur Shah Zafar, was captured at this tomb in 1857, and died in exile.)

To Canada (a direct flight with 4 meals) for a conference at the Perimeter Institute. With an obligatory trip to see the Niagara falls.

By greyhound across the border, to see friends, starting with Ben in the Adirondacks... we climbed long easy routes, with long hard barefoot descents, and didn't feel the 2011 earthquake at all.

To Europe, to do a circuit of giving seminars and talking to people... with a night in Vienna airport. (Which at 4am belonged only to people from the Bombay flight!)


First stop, Stockholm. Here I was very busy and so will confess to using some pictures from last year...

And, on the weekend, regressing, I went to see the Vasa, from the pages of a book I had when I was about the age of the kid below...

Last stop Berlin. Whose physics department wins the world prize for having the most glass, I believe. (The new science campus of Humboldt Univ, on the former Johannisthal airfield, Germany's first.)

And while we're catching S-Bahnen, here are a few more from Berlin... which I promised last time. These are, of course, the Brandenburg Gate, the Holocaust memorial, and inside the Pergamon museum.

Pictures by Michael Abbott
Astonished Eyes .net