The Month of October, 2010

Hello everybody, and welcome back for another round of this game of a big picture about every week...
(The last one stopped in December 2009, for no very good reason.)
Click any small picture to enlarge it. Then click again to shrink, or just click the next one.

To begin at the beginning, it was the end of the monsoon, the sky was spectacular, and all but one of my lenses all had fungus growing in them (not to mention my clothes, shoes, walls...)

Going backwards, this was a little earlier in the monsoon... (It took me a while, but the classic Bombay taxi turns out to be a fiat, not an English car.)

One more achronological picture, before we fly... this is the institute's waterfront, and some other monsoon views.

Cape mountains, 1.

Cape mountains, 2: a weekend at Milner cliff. Ten pitches of clean sandstone, an hour or so's drive from the city (plus a few hours' walk), with less than a dozen routes on it. The last picture shows the waterfall which clears the whole face.

And then was a wedding...

Pictures by Michael Abbott
Astonished Eyes .net