Back in bombay, the monsoon was still not quite finished.

This is of course the institute's lawn, the famous amoeba garden, which my office no longer overlooks.


A week later Steve and Bronwen showed up to visit, and we started with a weekend trip down to Goa. These are a few pictures from wandering around Panjim, the new capital.

Because we were only able to get a daytime train back, this weekend was really more like a saturday exploring Old Goa, the abandoned city of churches. (The one above is in Panjim, but with an oversized bell salvaged from the old city.)

Bronwen points out this building is Kanchanjunga, by the famous Charles Correa. It has no flat floors, and goes together like this video.

And a few more from the same walk, continuing the overpass theme.

Upstairs at Moshe's cafe, one afternoon: a favourite intersection to watch.


Pictures by Michael Abbott
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