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Underneath the sculpture Cloud Gate, shown below.

I was there to see Andrew & Christianne, in Milwaukee, shown with Jabulani, at Calatrava's art museum, below below.


Riding on a train going West...

... all stops to to San Francisco, to see scattered friends. There will be a bigger set of train pictures sometime, but in short there was some eastern farmland, some mountains, then some western farmland.

(It takes 3 days, on the Lake Shore Limited and then California Zephyr, via New York, Albany, Buffalo, Chicago, Denver, Salt Lake City & Reno. Route maps: Amtrak's PDF, or using google maps.)



Climbing with Mark (who has got really strong) and Devon. The smeary 5.11d is Energizer, which I confess I did not get up, and railway-crack 5.8 is Bishop's Terrace.


San Francisco

Fog and the bridge and the pyramid... I have pictures of cable cars too! It's hard to see much more than the touristy things. But I did like the city, and did walk a lot of streets.


NY Route 73

In the Adirondacks, where I've only previously been in winter. On the left is Cascade Lake, which you should be able to walk across to reach the north-facing cliffs!

It was mostly too cold & grey for boating, but we drove a lot of scenic roads. US route 20 through western Massachusetts is recommended, but through Schenectady is not.


April , June

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