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It's going to be a crazy year, perhaps a good time for another photo-a-week project... this one begun in early February. (My rules allow a week's error, and count processing not only taking.)



Waterman Street, Providence RI

It's been an unusually snowy winter here, or perhaps I've just been around to see it all. This is my neighbour's roof, and other views from my windows.


Henderson Bridge

On my favourite bridge.


East Manning Street

Cachaça looks pretty dangerous to me.


Rajathan, India, 2003

There was at least a week without pictures, but I did load my scanned slide show into lightroom to fix them up (at last).

And I got a job offer in Bombay, too.


Whistler, BC

Steve was coming to Canada, so I thought I it would be a shame not to join him for a bit... we were skiing with Dylan and Mike, who I haven't seen for ages.

My hands, Steve's camera -- my big camera comes climbing but not skiing, and doesn't yet have a smaller substitute. (More on flickr.)


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