November , January 2010


These pictures are all from a brief trip to the South, in the second half of December, so I'm cheating a little bit on the weeks.


Calicut / Kozhikode

We got off the train here, and saw some strange mosques: the combination of local carpenters and Islam imported by sea from Yemen produced something very far from the Mughal pattern.


Ooty / Udhagamandalam

The town felt a lot like a little bit of the eastern transvaal, complete with eucalyptus-covered hills... only with more auto-rickshaws and hindustani trucks and mosques and temples and all the usual bazaar chaos.

(Incidentally these are the only big-camera pictures on this page, all 43mm.)


Palghat / Palakkad

The first two are at Malampuzha dam, outside the town.


Cochin / Kochi

There are ferries to Fort Kochi, the island which Vasco da Gama took over, and containing the church where he was first buried. The rest of the little trading town felt an awful lot like Zanzibar, where I was exactly a decade ago.

The last picture is from Cochin's mainland modern town, Ernakulam, across the road from someplace I had breakfast.



Up into the hills again. But this time I got organised to go walking, not just in the bazaar I mean, on surprisingly cold and misty hills. (Around 2200m up.)


November , January 2010

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