My Summer Holiday

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The Fish River Canyon

Hobas to Ai-Ais, Nambia

July 2008


From the canyon rim, before descending.












There was lots of this!












A swim, and then some kingfisher-watching, if I remember right.

At the beginning you have to follow every squiggle of the river:

But towards the end it flattens out, and there are shortcuts, both across the flood plane over the hills:

(The main page has links to GPS data if you want it.)

Here's the beginning of one shortcut, which gave welcome views, and a path to walk on instead of sand & boulders:





Wild horses. Thyla was first to see them, and everyone laughed at the idea of a white horse, sure... but there it was!

Then back to the river again...







Our last night's camp, under the full moon.

And our last shortcut, across a big flat plane, which felt the centre of a perfect circle of mountains:



There's a small dam above the resort of Ai-Ais. The resort (and its hot springs) were closed for renovation this summer.




That's all folks.

Summer Holiday      

Photos by Michael Abbott, at   Astonished Eyes